Short days work

I had a short day today due to appointments. However I thought I would post that there are new listings on Etsy for Jmacs Pottery. After we get a few more on there we will start placing a few on the website.

The weekend is here

After a interesting week, I am ready for the weekend. We have two new signs for the A-Frame and just put up a large banner on the side of the building. Our ad in the YourTimes is out and a hoping for some results. Today was the best day because my nephew spent some time in the studio and we made a clay dinosaur!

See you next week

Time with Jackson


I have been throwing a lot of mugs and now am starting to try my luck with pitchers.  The mugs look great. In addition the new double bowls are looking great and hopefully will be a huge hit.   To view the pictures check out our Facebook site.


Note to self

Remember to wash the clay off your hands before typing on the computer. It makes a mess!!


The story of Jmacs Pottery


I am back again and will try and post here every few days as a log of whats going on at the studio and what I have learned.

I guess to start off today I will post on what opening Jmacs Pottery means to me.  My life in the past 7 years have been a trial of pain, destruction and patience.  The short version is I over exposed by a chemical at work used to kill bugs and preserve wood. It caused me to feel like I was on fire for a year all while I was slowly losing the ability to walk from the treatment for this chemical issue.  Don’t take steroids from the doctor unless its the only choice! Anyway after a very long legal battle with work-comp I finally got both hips replaced and still have many issues with pain.  During this time I was unable to work. So I went to school and just graduated spring of 2011. It took me 5 years due to one year spent in the hospital, rehabilitation, or on some  pain killers. Needless to say my workload was small that first year. The hardest part about this was the inability to live life like a normal person

During the down time I joined the Helena Clay arts guild and learned a lot about pottery. I was unable to work on pottery for extended periods of time due to being in pain after standing or even sitting for longer than 15 min at a time. I have become able to work through the pain and have found ways to understand when to stop or change what I am doing to lower the effects it causes. The hardest part about this is when I want to get something done I have to plan it out according to how I feel at the time.  Sadly I still overdo it and am forced to just take it very easy for the next few days or take pain pills to deal with it as I work. I don’t like the side effects of these pain meds especially that I get very tired while on them. So it is a careful balance that I maintain so I don’t need them. Needless to say this has made my life very different from people without this problem. Anyone that has a injury of the knee, back or hips can understand this because they know that if they aggravate the injury walking different because of the aggravation will cause other issues with their back, knees or other areas.

Last year adopted a 13 year old girl. She has helped me learn a lot about myself.  Dealing with my issues and also helping her deal with being in the position of needing to be adopted is a lot of work. My only hope is that I can provide a atmosphere for her to grow up and try and achieve her goals as I have even with all the speed bumps of life.

During this time with everything going on I always wanted to go back to work. However due to my injuries I would be a horrible worker for someone. There are days I can not move due to how damaged my condition left me. I would overwork and just further injure myself due to my stubborn nature.    I do not feel that I should hinder a organization with my issues so I decided to open Jmacs Pottery.  It is a trail of pain, patience and living the dream all packaged into one.