Looking for another item for the store.

If you are a local and make something unique, please send me a email and a picture of what you make. I am looking for a soapmaker or something with a fast return customer base to display in my store. Im looking to start small with consignment. Please let me know.

Artist Cheri Walsh

This post I thought I would highlight a fellow potter and friend Cheri Walsh. She has some work at the store and has been a inspiration to me throughout the past 5 years. Here is a picture of some of her work.


Well this post will be short and sweet. Today is the start of another week at Jmacs Pottery. I am getting ready to glaze some mugs and a lot of possibility pots for a order on Etsy. We will be at the Craft Show on 1035 Mill RD in Helena MT Saturday the 24th from 9 to 3pm. Come say hello.

Reclaim day

Today is reclaim day! There is way to many bags of scraps and broken pots laying around. So we are breaking down the clay with a rubber hammer then wetting them overnight. Next drying them out and then finally wedging them and storing for further use. Fun times!