Jmacs pottery update

Wow its hard to believe summer is almost here.   The craft show went so well that we are going to attend the next one in the fall. This month flew by as you can see I did not even make a post for 3 weeks.   Farmers market is going to start in a week so we are expecting to be there on most Saturdays and at the store from 2-8 pm.   At the end of the month we will change to summer hours. We will be going into a 4 day week at Jmacs Pottery. I may have to adjust the hours more later.

Some of you who look at this site periodically may know my situation but I will go into a bit of detail explaining the change of hours.  I have been having increasing pain in my hips and anywhere connected which has been getting worse and worse. Sadly last week I found out that my hip replacements are the same type that is being recalled but a different brand.  Long story short, my left one may be failing and may need to be replaced soon.  So since I am the only one here I will be taking a bit more time off until everything gets figured out.  I will continue to make pottery as long as I can stand without a walker.