Lessons Learned

Once again I have neglected my blog on this site. Things have been a bit crazy lately. My focus for this page is like I said at the beginning, which is to talk about the comings and goings in my struggle to start a pottery gallery.  Ive let you down in this aspect.

Well now it is officially two months until I get my first of two hips replaced again. This has caused me to step up production of products and try to get more sales.  I doubt that I can keep the store open while Im recovering from this. I would like to but the restrictions for hip replacements are strict and I will not be able to throw pottery for at least three months and most likely six. This might be a problem emotionally and financially for me and the store.  I will most likely close the store after Christmas until I get on my feet. If sales improve I might see about hiring for January. I also have been thinking about moving the store downtown or in a strip mall to get more walk in customers.  Time will tell what happens.

Today I talked with a commercial producer to make a commercial for Jmacs Pottery. It was interesting and I hope this will create more awareness of the store in town.   I think my daughter might be in it and the commercial will be a fun distraction from the norm around here.  It is hard to think that Christmas is almost here.  If you want something unique and made by a human stop by Jmacs Pottery. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Well I do need to self motivate and get myself back in the studio to finish working on pottery. I have four shows in the next few weeks and not much inventory. This brings up my last point about business. It is very difficult to get yourself to work when you are the boss. I would have to say that is the hardest part of owning and running your own business.  If you ever think of doing what I am ask yourself how much you procrastinate, because this is a very large issue with keeping a business going.